Emote360, a registered 501(c)(3), was established in 2005 by a group of like minded media professionals
who wanted to come behind world changers to give them the marketing their cause deserved.

From Africa, to Central America, Ukraine to Asia, Emote360 has partnered with numerous
non-profit’s to tell their story in a powerful and emotive way.

Once a year, Emote360 selects a non-profit to partner with by providing strategy, branding,
photography or video services. Whatever that npo needs to tell their story.


Emote360’s 2014 project organization is The Elisha Foundation (TEF). Working globally, TEF provides education, respite care, and retreats for children and families who have disability.

In 2013, Elisha (Eli) became the first American with Down Syndrome and second youngest person with Down Syndrome ever, to reach Base Camp at Mt. Everest. The trek to Everest Base Camp served as a fundraiser for the organization as well as a tremendous awareness campaign, shining a light on those with special needs.

Building on the success of the Everest Trek (followed by every major news source and seen by millions of people around the world), Emote360 will be shooting a full-production documentary film on TEF’s upcoming trek to Mt. Kilimanjaro, highlighting the stories of trekkers who both have disability or have lived with disability in some form in their life.

The goal of the documentary is to raise awareness for those who live with disability on a global scale, and to inspire those who feel they can;t make a difference that they can change the world, no matter their personal challenges. We’re seeking $45,000 to film this documentary to accommodate for multiple airline tickets, gear and personal expenses for a crew of three people. Please help by clicking the “Donate” button.